Me and my good friend @mikegemmill hit Braventis gym in Chester today for a BACK session, warmed up nicely to 180kg deadlifts for 8 easy reps super-setted with weighted 20kg wide grip chin ups for a further 8 reps. Other exercises included narrow-grip row S/S with lat pulldown, T bar row dropsets with an underhand grip, bent over dumbell pulls S/S with a lat stretch movement and ofcourse more supersets for traps...

With the weather being hot I rocked a SWOLDIER NATION stringer vest!

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Casually strolled into the gym today, benched 180kg in flip flops, and impersonated a DOG with my DMX bark after....

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First transformation 8 week package. JUSTIN RICHARDS

Over 30 with an 8 pack?! RESULTS!

Pictures will speak for themselves and Justin's hard work and efforts clearly speak volumes. Based in the Midlands but working in Oxford, Justin is a former teammate of mine, having played together at Port Vale and Burton Albion.

A tall and powerful athlete, Justin has a wealth of experience in professional football and has made close to 400 league appearances for 13 teams in the Championship, Leagues 1 and 2, and the Conference.
Having known him for some time now, we share common ground in our love of fitness and sports performance, including how to improve your body and how to apply the science behind it to increase your performance not only on the pitch but also in the gym.

A keen boxer and a former sprinter, as well as a professional footballer, Justin has a wealth of natural talent, but he was keen to get himself into better condition.

Originally, we discussed leg injuries as we have both ruptured our PCLs this season, (posterior crutiate ligament) so we’ve talked a lot about rehab and strengthening exercises. As our conversations progressed, we spoke about his training and between us came up with a plan, to get him as fit as possible for the summer. Tweaks in his diet were made and we also did a quick review on his supplement choices and his time spent in the gym before coming up with a programme similar to the 'cardio acceleration' programme by DR JIM STOPPANI.

Hitting body parts hard, but SUPERSETTING with a form of cardio, this was important to Justin as he wanted to maintain his high levels of cardiovascular workouts for football, while also defining his shape for the summer!

If you’re based in the Midlands and are looking for someone to put you through your paces I could strongly advise you to get in touch with Justin, who can also deliver personal training.

twitter: @jricorichards

A well-motivated and straight to the point individual, with a no nonsense approach to his work, Justin is vastly experienced not only in the boxing ring but on the football pitch too. I'm aware that he has recently gained a strength & conditioning qualification so credit to him - I look forward to seeing his continued success.

Not bad for someone over 30 rocking an 8 PACK!
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Here we have the post holiday weigh in before a CHEEEKY shoulder session.
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So in the last couple of weeks I represented Maximuscle on their stand at Bodypower at the Birmingham NEC. It was a huge weekend that featured everybody and anybody from the sports, fitness and supplement industry. One of the shots above is me with two great guys from Reflex - Oli Foster and Shaun Stafford.
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Later than promised sorry but heres yesterday's leg blast...

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